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Who is Nick Howe?


'His infectious exuberance can't help but draw you in'
Jamie West-Oram


‘His songs are completely original' - Les Reed OBE

'Your talent is undeniable' Amund Bjorkland (Espionage)


Nick Howe’s debut Indie Pop release charted at number 1 in the pre-sale itunes chart.


He is now preparing for his second release ‘It Belongs To Her’ which will be out in November 14th. Nick is influenced by diverse artists including the atmospheric Bon Iver, to the pop sensibilities of Ed Sheeran,


To date, Nick Howe has toured extensively, received consistent syncs and has appeared on national television.  

One of the tracks, ‘It’s Only Love’ has been used in the Angry Bird game, and a song was featured in a Cadburys Campaign. Not only that, his first single on the EP, Riches In Heaven, is featured in a recent Comicon documentary.

This refreshing artist shows the same determination in all walks of life. He has performed at international festivals (such as Glastonbury), acted in the ITV series Lewis and even improvised a song for a Cadbury's Campaign.


This talent is explained when you learn that Nick Howe is from a family of entertainers and actors. His grand-mother was the highest paid female entertainer in the 1950’s and his great grandmother is the infamous ‘Miss Sofie’ in Dinner for One.


Nick looks forward to continuing his passion to perform live, and surprise audiences with more than just his music.





LIVE and kicking.....



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